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The people behind the Hindisvík name are Ástmundur Agnar Norland, better known as Tobbi in Hindisvík, Hanný Norland Heiler and Heiða Heiler. We live in Sæból, which is a small farm about 500m outside of Hvammstangi, but our horses are in Hindisvík.
You can read more about us by clicking here.

In the icelandic horsebreeding there is way to little (almost none) empasis on the old bloodlines. It is very important to us to maintain "our" two bloodlines, Hindisvík and Hornafjörður. We are closely connected to those lines and know them very well. You can read more about our connection and breeding here.
We are also breeding splashed white horses, with the breeding goal of having good riding abilities, besides the color. 

hornfirdAbove is a picture of Gargandi-Snilld frá Dynjanda, one of our Hornafjörður breeding mares. 
Well known features of the Hornafjörður bloodline are high spirited horses with high willingness and strong nerves. They are fond of humans and have what seems to be endless endurance and speed range.
An article about the Hornafjörður horses; history, important ancestors and more under this link.


Above you can see Huginn frá Hindisvík who later became Norwegian master in both tölt and fourgait.
Hindisvík horses are finely built horses with high and powerful movements along with much willingness. They are very strong characters, not for everyone and often so called "one man horses".
You can read more about this interesting bloodline by clicking here.

strakurbjossi3Above is Strákur frá Vatnsleysu. He is a dark chestnut splashed white stallion, once owned by us.
If you want to know more about the splashed white horses, click here.