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Today I went to Vatnsnes to look for our last foal, that should be born by now. Bára, the mother of the foal, was released pregnant up to the mountains and we have still not got to see the foal. Sire is Puntur frá Vatnsleysu. We are looking forward to hopefully see it soon. I will go on a mission to find it again next week. Then I will also visit Akkur and his mares.
Frá and Flugsvinn already have their foals. Flugsvinn gave birth to a dark chestnut stallion and Frá had a chestnut mare.

I also took a short pitstop with Strákur and his mares. They are doing very well and everything looks good. Some mares have already left back home, and all mares that have been to the sonar are pregnant. Till now Strákur has a 100% pregnancy rate, every year, which is really good.

2014-27-7aOne of Strákurs girlfriends.


2014-27-7cStrákur frá Vatnsleysu

 2014-27-7dVery calm about our visit.

2014-27-7e Tala frá Viðey is one of the mares that are with Strákur now. She is sired by the same stallion as our Gríma and her mother is also mother of our Skráma !

2014-27-7fTala frá Viðey


 I met this group of horses up in the mountain, when I was looking for Bára, none of them is ours.


2014-27-7kI really liked this foal.

Our breeding mare, Skráma, was sold this summer. She went to a sonar 3 days ago and is already pregnant with Strákur, so she left us yesterday. It was not easy to see her drive away, but we know she has got a really good home and we also own 3 offsprings from her. These photos are from her youngest, Stelpa.
2014-27-7mIt seems like Stelpa will be a very dark chestnut, like her father.