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Heljar frá Hindisvík is a chestnut stallion, born in 1989. His father is Glóblesi frá Hindisvík and his mother Brúnstjarna frá Hindisvík. That makes Heljar a full brother of Hrafnfaxi frá Hindisvík, who was a popular stallion in Germany. 
During my research work to gather information about the Hindisvík horses I have wrote many people. One of them is Caroline Fuchs, the owner of Heljar. She kindly sent me two pictures and the following information: 

hindisvikur-heljarThis photograph is taken in the German Championship where Heljar and Caroline won the loose rein tölt (T2). Three times they became German champions together, in different diciplines, and scored up to 8 for the loose rein. 

heljar-fra-hindisvikThe picture above was taken last year (2014) when Heljar was 25 years old.

Heljar has been in the family for 17 years. Due to his age he is not in training anymore. 
You can always count on Heljar. I got him when I was only 8 years old and he always protected me, even though he was a stallion. He has a strong personality and for example not everyone can catch him in the field. His leading quality is the tölt, wich he has inherited to his offsprings. Our best dicipline in competitions was the T2.