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mobile: 354-8453832

I always feel bad about how seldom I have time to work on the website. But we have been very busy with the eider nesting in the spring and beginning of the summer, and now I (Heiða) am working on another farm, so I don't have so much time to take photographs. 
There is also very little happening with our horses at the moment and we can almost say that we have holiday in our horsemanship. 
Almost all of our ridden horses are sold (except ofcourse our breeding mares and stallions) and now we only have 4 horses in training. There of is one sold and will leave the country next winter. 
Now we are just waiting (with excitement!) for our "big" group of youngsters who will get old enough to be started this fall/winter. Those are the first offsprings of our Vatnsleysa stallions, Akkur and Strákur, so we are pretty excited (understatement) about how they will turn out ! :)

The following pictures have been taken in july.


Strákur in his beutiful field. He always comes running when he sees us =) 




One of the mares that Strákur is covering. She is a black roan pinto.


Spes, daughter of Strákur and Gríma


Spes frá Hindisvík


One of Strákur's ladies. You can also see some seals lying on the rocky islands in the background.




She is growing very fast now and shows much tölt when running.


In Strákur's field.


Milla frá Miðfelli, a 3 year old daughter of Akkur and a Hornafjörður mare.


Spes frá Hindisvík


Frigg is a daughter of Frá frá Hindisvík and Akkur frá Vatnsleysu. In this visit we noticed that she has a white snip on her nose. We could not see it when she was new born, only now after she has begun to change her coat.


Miðja frá Dynjanda, a 3 year old daughter of Strákur. Her mother was sired by Orion frá Litla-Bergi.


Dáð is turning 2 years old in the end of august. Big and handsome mare.


Skarði is a 2 year old gelding. In the background you can see the huge Kolviður, who is only 3 years old. Skarði is a son of Strákur and Kolviður is a son of Akkur.


Skarði frá Dynjanda


It is pretty obvious who her father is ;)


Melkorka and Dalía, 3 year old mares.


3 year old mares. Munda and Melkorka are both daughters of Akkur and Hornafjörður mares from Miðfell and Dalía is a daughter of Strákur and Skráma.


Munda frá Miðfelli


Munda again


Our beautiful Miðja. She is unbelieveably un-photogenic. I have never got to know any horse that is as difficult to get a good shot of like she is. Which is pretty weird because she is very nice to look at when you see her "live".


Kolviður 3 year old son of Akkur and the Hornafjörður bloodlined Kolbrá frá Miðfelli, who is a sister to Dimma frá Miðfelli (the mother of Díva (10 for tölt) and Dimmir frá Álfhólum)


Hæra, has the same mother as Kolviður. Her father is Skuggi frá Dynjanda. She is one of the most pure bred Hornafjörður horses with Nökkvi frá Hólmi about 40 times in her pedigree.
Hæra is now on summer vacation and will be in training again next winter. She is a big and powerful mare and we are looking forward to start working with her again.


Frigg frá Hindisvík


Miðja frá Dynjanda




Hanný frá Þúfu is a inbred ancestor of Gustur frá Grund and his father Flosi frá Brunnum. Her mother and father are both sired by Gustur frá Grund and her MM is a daughter of Flosi (Gustur's father). 
Hanný was shortly broken in last winter. She is small so we decided to give her time to grow and develope until next summer. She shows very high leg action and chooses to trot.


Dáð daughter of Strákur and Gríma.


Frigg frá Hindisvík


Hugrún, 4 year old mare sired by Huginn frá Haga and Glæring. She was shortly broken in this winter and turned out to be a very nice and easy youngster with all gaits open. 


In Hindisvík


The old house in Hindisvík. I have endless pictures of it, but it is somehow impossible for me to just pass it without taking a picture ! :)


In Hindisvík 




Near Hvítserkur


near Hvítserkur


again near Hvítserkur


and again 


and again !






and again and again and again !! 
(This is what happends when I get a moment to take pictures after a long break)




Heiða visiting Strákur


Spes in a sunbath


Bianca and Milla, a 3 year old daughter of Akkur


The last picture is taken in Kolugljúfur. It is such a beautiful place. Would recommend it to anyone !