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These pictures are taken one week ago. We had such a beautiful weather with strong sunlight and I could not resist to take a short walk with the camera.

saeboljanuar 1

Like usually Húni was very confident ^^

saeboljanuar 2

Hugrún is now in training for her first winter. She is a daughter of Huginn frá Haga and Glæring. Fun fivegaited mare.

saeboljanuar 3

The spoiled Strákur frá Vatnsleysu in his paddock.

saeboljanuar 4

Next up was a visit to the foals. We always take them home to Sæból for their first winter so we can feed them extra well. They also get halter trained and used to get their legs picked up. 
The eye above belongs to Spes.

saeboljanuar 5

Djörfung. Unfortunately with her eyes closed on this picture. Her father is Akkur frá Vatnsleysu and mother is Gargandi-Snilld who is a daughter of Muska and Kolskeggur frá Oddhóli.

saeboljanuar 6

Djörfung has a rather strong Hornafjörður bloodline.

saeboljanuar 7

Daughter of Flugsvinn frá Höskuldsstöðum and Akkur frá Vatnsleysu. She has no name yet.

saeboljanuar 8

Spes frá Hindisvík. She is a black splashed white. Both her parents (Gríma and Strákur) are splashed white.

saeboljanuar 9

Here I was standing to close with my bigger lens, so I only got half of Spes on the picture. Better than nothing..
We are expecting a full sibling of Spes next summer.

saeboljanuar 10

Daughter of Flugsvinn and Akkur

saeboljanuar 11

Chestnut friends; Djörfung and Flugsvinndaughter.

saeboljanuar 12

And again. In the background you can see their nice view to the Westfjords.

saeboljanuar 13

I like how the chestnut colour came out in this strong sunlight.

saeboljanuar 14

Daughter of Flugsvinn and Akkur 

saeboljanuar 15

And again, close up ^^

saeboljanuar 16

And again. On this picture I can see a strong resemblance to her mother, Flugsvinn.

saeboljanuar 17

Here she is once again. She was always posing so nicely so I took a lot of pictures of her :)  

saeboljanuar 18

Lísa was not in the mood for posing. She is one year old but gets to be with the foals in the winter. We want to help her to grow as much as possible this winter. Lísa was a very small foal. She was born late and her mother was only 2 years old (not planned!). Last spring, after the winter feeding, Lísa had grown enourmously and was almost an average sized foal. Now she is a little below average but we believe she will grow fast like last winter :)
Lísa's father is Akkur frá Vatnsleysu and her mother is a daughter of Húni frá Ásbjarnarstöðum.

saeboljanuar 19

Spes frá Hindisvík, oldest and biggest of the 2015 foals

saeboljanuar 20

Foals in the winter sun

saeboljanuar 21

F: Akkur, M: Flugsvinn

saeboljanuar 22


saeboljanuar 23

Hafrún, daughter of Akkur and Glæring

saeboljanuar 24

Hafrún. She is the fifth pinto offspring of Glæring in a row. That is very lucky (given that you also like pintos) because Glæring is not homozygous pinto and none of the foals fathers were pintos. So each time there was only a 50% likelyhood of pinto.

saeboljanuar 25

Hafrún frá Hindisvík. Her full brother, Stakkur, was taken in this weekend and will be starting his first training in the next days.

saeboljanuar 26


saeboljanuar 27

Next on the route were the young stallions. Above you can see them in their paddock by the ocean.

saeboljanuar 28

View on the way.

saeboljanuar 29

Ófeigur frá Dynjanda has a very strong Hornafjörður bloodline. His parents are Skuggi and Gargandi-Snilld, who are both from Hanný's breeding.

saeboljanuar 30

Janus Ari. Splashed white stallion who will turn 4 years old this summer. He had his first training in the fall and turned out to be very easy to start. Janus chose both clear beat tölt and trot under his rider.

saeboljanuar 31

Janus Ari. His parents are Strákur and Gríma, who are both splashed white.

saeboljanuar 32

The friends, Hrannar and Gunnar B
They are both 50% of the Hindisvík bloodline. Gunnar B's mother is a pure bred Hindisvík mare and Hrannar's father is a pure bred Hindisvík stallion (who is also the father of Gunnar B's mother).

saeboljanuar 33

Janus Ari. He has two full sisters. Dáð who will be 3 years old next summer and Spes 1 year old. 
If everything goes well we will get another full sibling next summer :D

saeboljanuar 34

Hrannar (turning 2 years old) and Gunnar B (turning 3)

saeboljanuar 35

Janus Ari. There you can well see how long his mane is.

saeboljanuar 36

Ófeigur. He is named after one of his ancestors, Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri, who is 6 times in his pedigree.

saeboljanuar 37


saeboljanuar 38


saeboljanuar 39

Young stallions.
In front you can see Gunnar B who has a very unique pedigree, especially for a horse living nowadays. His mother is pure bred from the Hindisvík bloodline and the father is from the Hornafjörður bloodline. This makes Gunnar B unrelated to most Icelandic horses. 
We usually do not mix our two bloodlines together but wanted to experiment with it this once. Now is just to wait and see how he will turn out to be.
Gunnar B is named after Gunnar Bjarnason who was a horsebreeding minister and was very interested in the old icelandic bloodlines.

saeboljanuar 40

Gunnar B

saeboljanuar 41

Hrannar frá Hindisvík. Young stallion. One of very few stallions with strong Hindisvík bloodline. His father is the last pure bred Hindisvík stallion.
Hrannar's mother, Flugsvinn, has no Hindisvík blood. She is a daughter of Geisli frá Sælukoti and Hrönn frá Höskuldsstöðum who is a 1 price mare who received among others 9 for tölt and impression.

saeboljanuar 42


saeboljanuar 43

Looking towards the eider nesting area.

saeboljanuar 44

Foals in the sun

saeboljanuar 45

Miðja. It is just incredible with her. She is a very eye catching horse. Beautiful with long mane and just stands out when you see her live. That might be hard to believe looking at the picture. But it is incredibly hard to get a decent picture of her. I will never understand it. As soon as she sees a camera she stands like this, low raised neck with her mane in a mess and a funny looking face. She is not for sale so we don't mind but it can be so frustrating ! 

saeboljanuar 46

Fimma frá Dynjanda. She is from the Hornafjörður bloodline. Her father is Skuggi and her mother is Bylgja frá Lambleiksstöðum, a daughter of Gustur frá Grund.
Bylgja is also the mother of Þrándur frá Brunnum and Hanný frá Þúfu.

saeboljanuar 47

Last but not least; the view from our house :)