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This morning we took the first pictures of our mare Miðja, under rider. She is turning 4 years old next summer. Father is Strákur frá Vatnsleysu and mother is Villimey frá Eyrarbakka, who is a daughter of Orion frá Litla-Bergi. 
Miðja has been trained for a month in total. She was easy from beginning, all gaits open and big steps.
It is worth mentioning that Miðja is not wearing any boots and shoed on old thin shoes.

midjafeb2016 1

midjafeb2016 2

midjafeb2016 3

midjafeb2016 4

midjafeb2016 5

midjafeb2016 6

midjafeb2016 7
midjafeb2016 8

midjafeb2016 9

midjafeb2016 11

midjafeb2016 12

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midjafeb2016 14

midjafeb2016 15

midjafeb2016 16

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