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Fall is always a very exciting season for us, because we like to start our young horses then. We have already started with our youngsters born in 2013 and have decided to spread them this year and not to take them all in at once.
Skarði was the first one to be broken in and did not stop for a long time, because he was so uncomplicated, and therefore his first training did not take long. We are very fond of him and are excited to see how he will develope in his further training in the future. Now he is already back with the herd and gets to be young and free for a little longer.
In the stable are now Toppur frá Haukholtum, who was taken from the mountain 10 days ago and has already been ridden outside a few times, and Frökk, who just came in and will be started in the next days.
This is the second year of Strákur offsprings that we start riding and we are very happy with the results. Like last year they turned out to be very uncomplicated with a lot of tölt and high movements. This winter one of the older (2012) Strákur offsprings (Dalía) will be in continued training and we are already excited to start working with her. The other ones from 2012 are either sold or pregnant. 
Below you can see a few pictures of the 3 year old Strákur son, Toppur: 


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