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 Like often before, the excitement for the unborn foals who we are expecting to be born into our breeding next summer, is getting unbearable. I decided to make a little summary over what is being expected and the excitement did not really decrease after making this article :) 
In a normal year we are breeding around 4 foals, but last summer we went a little overboard and if everything goes well we will have 10 foals born in Hindisvík in 2017.


2017 dadDáð was with Lexus frá Vatnsleysu and there is a 50% likelihood that their offspring will be splashed white. Dáð is only four years old, but she is big and very well developed, so Heiða decided to let her have one foal and instead postpone her first training.
The offspring will have Glampi frá Vatnsleysu as MFF and FMF and Hróður frá Refsstöðum as FF and MMFF. 


 2017 flugsvinnFlugsvinn was with Strákur frá Vatnsleysu and in their offspring we are hoping for a fun fivegaiter.
We would not be sad if it would be black with a blaze too :) 


2017 fraFrá was with Glæsir frá Hindisvík and will their offspring be 75% pure bred from the old Hindisvík bloodline
Frá has been with Glæsir before and they have the daughters Fjöður and Frökk frá Hindisvík.


 2017 gargandi

Gargandi was with the Landsmót-winner Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili.
Their offspring will have a rather strong Hornafjörður bloodline and we are very very excited to get to know this horse.


2017 glenna

Glenna was with Strákur and they are expecting a splashed white offspring.
This is also the first offspring of Glenna and we are looking forward to meet it


 2017 grima

Gríma was again with Strákur. They have had 4 offsprings together (Janus Ari, Dáð, Spes and Heiðrún). We are so happy with them that we decided to breed them together again. Because they are both splashed white, it is certain that the offspring will be too.


2017 haera

Hæra was with Akkur frá Vatnsleysu and certain is that their offspring will be chestnut. We assume that it will also be big and good looking, like both parents and their ancestors. 
Hæra is pure bred from the old Hornafjörður bloodline and we have been using Akkur on our Hornafjörður mares for the last years. You can read more about that here (scroll down to "Why Akkur?").



2017 kleopatra

Kleópatra frá Kirkjubæ is a new breedingmare in our breeding. She was put directly to the last pure bred stallion of the Hindisvík bloodline, Glæsir frá Hindisvík. This mixture (Hindisvík + Kirkjubær) has been very successful and we are very excited to see this foal.
Kleópatra has Hindisvík blood through her mother, Rauðhetta, who is a daughter of Brana, a daughter of Glóblesi frá Hindisvík.


2017 midja

Miðja was with Lexus frá Vatnsleysu. There is a 50% likelihood of a splashed white offspring, which is this case would only be a bonus. 
Miðja was trained a little last year, and we found her so promising that we were tempted to bring her to Lexus, with her sister, Dáð. We plan to continue her training after this foal.
These two foals (from Dáð and Miðja) will be our first Strákur "grandchildren".


2017 venus

And last but not least we were so lucky to get Glenna's mother, Venus, rented for one year, and put her directly to Strákur.
There we are expecting a splashed white sibling to Glenna.



Now we just have to hold on to our patience for a few more months :)