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 Those pictures of Dalía were taken in beginning of February. Dalía will turn 5 years old this summer and has been trained for only a few weeks in total. She is a daughter of Strákur frá Vatnsleysu and Skráma frá Viðey, who we both know very well, because they were both started and trained by us. Dalías MF, Skrámur frá Hurðarbaki, who was a unique Horse and was also owned by us. We competed on him with very good results (he won everything he took part in) and he later went to Switzerland where he was also successful on the competition track. 
Dalía is a fun fivegaited mare with nice movements. She is the first offspring of Skráma that we train and from the first year of Strákur offsprings. Dalía is now the only Strákur offspring in our stable, the others from the same year are either sold or pregnant. We started a few younger Strákur offsprings earlier this winter, but we never hurry with our 4 year old's, so they are back in the freedom. All our yet trained Strákur offsprings have been very easy to start, with loose tölt and nice movements. We are looking forward to train more of his offsprings and see how they will turn out with advanced training.

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We also have the first year of Akkur frá Vatnsleysu offsprings in training and are very satisfied with the group. They are all big and well built with very good clear beat and open tölt. They have only been shortly trained but below you can see a few pictures of some of our Akkur-offsprings:



Stakkur frá Hindisvík


Melkorka frá Miðfelli


Munda frá Miðfelli