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Recently we took new pictures of our Hindisvíkmare, Hetja frá Mið-Kárastöðum
Hetja is one of the last pure bred horses from the old Hindisvík-bloodline. In her pedigree are only horses from Hindisvík, back to the year 1880. With not a single exception ! 
Her father is Glæsir frá Hindisvík and MF is Hlöðvir. Glóblesi 700 can be found five times in her pedigree. 
Hetja is rather big and good looking fourgaiter. She is black, has nice leg action and very good fundamental gaits. We are planning to put Hetja into breeding this summer.

hetja17 1

hetja17 2

hetja17 3

hetja17 4

hetja17 5

hetja17 6

hetja17 7

hetja17 8

hetja17 9

hetja17 10

hetja17 11

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