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Now it really is time to bring some updates!
Almost all foals are born and everything has went very well. We are so happy with our new offsprings and still waiting for the last two from Dáð and Frá.
We are already looking forward to the time when those youngsters will get old enough to start their training, that will be fun and exciting times :) 

17 fatty

Dáð is getting very round. She is expecting an offspring from Lexus frá Vatnsleysu.

Gargandi Snilld had a chestnut dun mare after the landsmót-winner Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili. Her name is Mön and she has a rather strong Hornafjörður bloodline.


Mön frá Hindisvík

Miðja had a black stallionfoal with a blaze and fetlock. His name is Leiftur and the father is Lexus frá Vatnsleysu.
Leiftur is very well raised and the first Strákur frá Vatnsleysu grandchild from our breeding. 
Our plan is to continue Miðja's training next year.

17 folold MidjaLeiftur frá Hindisvík 

Hæra had a chestnut stallion with a star. His father is Akkur frá Vatnsleysu.
He has a strong Hornafjörður bloodline and we are looking forward to take a better look at him when he has stretched more.

17 folold haera

Son of Hæra and Akkur

Kleópatra had a stunning foal sired by Glæsir frá Hindisvík. Dark chestnut with half a blaze and snip. Sex is not known yet.
We are very excited to watch this one develop. Many well known horses have come from this mixture (Hindisvík x Kirkjubær). There is also a connection back to the Hindisvík bloodline through Rauðhetta (Kleópatras Mother). She is a daughter of Brana (F: Glóblesi 700 frá Hindisvík). The father of the foal, Glæsir frá Hindisvík, is the last pure bred stallion of the old Hindisvík bloodline.

17 folold kleo

17 folold kleo1