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 Now 2017 has just passed and I wanted to make a short summary of this year.
The website was not very active because I am studying in Germany and have limited time + can not take so many pictures like I normally do..  anyway we had more than enough to do this year


The year 2017 was very exciting for our horse breeding. 8 foals were born, which is more than we usually have. Our "marefoal-luck" did turn and we got 2 mares out of 8 born foals (for the last 3 years we did only get one stallionfoal!) This had to happen eventually. 

Foals born in 2017:

First born was Helmingur. He is a chestnut splashed white son of Strákur and Gríma, and the 5th full sibling in a row. Helmingur did develope very well this summer and is very big and good looking. He was sold in the summer and will soon be going to his new owners.

helmingur6Helmingur frá Hindisvík helmingur4Helmingur frá Hindisvík

Our next foal was born in Flugumýri in Skagafjörður. We got to lend their mare, Venus frá Fjalli, for breeding and brought her to Strákur. Out of that came Fönix frá Flugumýri, a bay splashed white stallionfoal. He is very well developed and shows a lot of tölt.

fonix2Fönix frá Flugumýri

 Third was Þrenna, a bay splashed white daughter of Strákur and Glenna. This was the first offspring of Glenna and we are very happy with her. Glenna is a sister to Fönix above (same mother).

thrennaÞrenna frá Hindisvík

 Fourth came Leiftur, a son of Lexus frá Vatnsleysu and Miðja. This is the first grandchild of Strákur frá Vatnsleysu that is born in our breeding. We decided to have one foal from Miðja before we continue her training. There we had a 50% chance of a splashed white foal, but Lexus did not pass his splash-gene to Leiftur and therefore he is "only" black with a blaze.
Leiftur has Glampi frá Vatnsleysu two times in his pedigree (as FMF and MFF). He shows very nice movements like we hoped for with this pedigree.

leifturLeiftur frá Hindisvík

Fifth came Mön. She has a strong Hornafjörður-bloodline and is a daughter of the Landsmót-winner Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili and Gargandi-Snilld, who is a daughter of Muska.

monMön frá Hindisvík

Hæra had her first foal in 2017. A good looking chestnut stallion with a star. He has been named Heljar and has a rather strong Hornafjörður-bloodline. His father is Akkur frá Vatnsleysu.

heljar1Heljar frá Hindisvík

 This summer Kleópatra had her first offspring in the Hindisvík breeding. Before she came to us she had been a breeding mare in Kirkjubær. She gave us a chestnut son with a blaze. He has been named Glóblesi frá Hindisvík like his ancestor Glóblesi 700. 
His father is Glæsir frá Hindisvík, the last pure bred stallion from the old Hindisvík bloodline. Kleópatra has Glóblesi 700 as her grandfather (MFF) so there is also a connection back to the bloodline. 

17 folold kleoGlóblesi frá Hindisvík

Last but not least came Hrólfur frá Hindisvík. He is a son of Dáð (4 year old daughter of Strákur) and Lexus frá Vatnsleysu. Hrólfur is black with a big star. Here was also a 50% chance of splashed white. 
Hrólfur has Glampi frá Vatnsleysu 2 times in his pedigree (as FMF and MFF) and Hróður frá Refsstöðum 2x.
Hrólfur shows a lot of tölt and high movements.

hrolfur2Hrólfur frá Hindisvík

Other horses that joined our herd this year:

In 2017 two splashed white stallions joined our group.
Last spring we bought Þeyr frá Þverá II.
He is a chestnut splashed white, 2 year old stallion with a very nice charakter and promising gaits.

skrauti3Þeyr frá Þverá II. Ljósmyndari: Elín Sigurðardóttir

Bliki frá Ytri-Hofdölum also joined us this year. He is a black splashed white son of Sindri frá Vatnsleysu and his mother is sired by Ísak frá Kirkjubæ. 

bliki2Bliki frá Ytri-Hofdölum

Horses that found new owners in 2017:

toppur23 helmingur lundfridur13
grima kostud1 dalia33 frokk15

 A few pictures from 2017

You can make them bigger by clicking on them

gomul mynd 2 f17 landslag f17 stakkur1
hanny17 17 f17 helmingur f17 raudka2
f17 hafrun f17 stelpa3 dalia17 7
gunnsiihryssum1 17 folold haera hjalm17 3
hetja17 17 hjalm17 5 f17 skardi3
17 folold kleo1 fonix gunnarb1
hjalm17 7 fimma10 f17 saebol
hugrun25 hunus glenna kostud 17


 finally I had to put this video here. You can see our mare Fimma in the flying pace (slowed down). After a few seconds Hannýs mobile phone falls out of her pocket and gets shattered on the ground. This would be a good advertisement for Nokia because it worked after we put it back together ! 


Now we are looking at a very exciting year 2018 and want to wish you all a happy new year! 
Thank you for everything in 2017.