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The following pictures were photographed by Irina Korshunova, during the collecting of the eiderdown.

eider18 1 The area is well marked, to keep curious visitors from disturbing the birds while they are nesting.

eider18 2 View over the colony from the guarding tower

eider18 3

Hanný on the way to collect some eiderdown.
The big bag is full with dry hay and the smaller bag is for the down.

eider18 4

 You have to move carefully through the colony so you don't scare the birds. 

eider18 5

Hanný collecting the down

eider18 6

The eiderdown is replaced by dry hay 

eider18 7

 and the eggs are carefully put back in their place

eider18 8

 The view from the colony to the ocean.
You can see the guarding tower that Tobbi built.

eider18 9

eider18 10

eider18 11

In the first house are ducklings.
If they have already hatched when we collect the down, we leave the nest and come back later when the family hast left.

eider18 12

eider18 13

eider18 14

 The view from the colony to Sæból

eider18 15

 The eider-colony is decorated with small flags, scarecrows, floating balls from fishing nets and other colourful items that give the birds a feeling of security.

eider18 16

 The view towards Hvammstangi

eider18 19

eider18 20

 Hanný with her eiderdown

eider18 21

 and Tobbi bringing hay to replace with the eiderdown 

eider18 22

eider18 23

 Here the down is dryed and warm air is blown under it. 
We have to turn the down regularly for an even drying process. 

eider18 24

 Dry hay to replace the down with

eider18 25

Hanný says hi to Strákur frá Vatnsleysu between her down collecting sessions