Hanný has a strong connection to the old Hornafjörður bloodline. She started to work as a horse trainer in Hornafjörður in 1987 and was a trainer there for 26 years, till 2013. Back then there was still a lot of horses from the old bloodline, so she got to know the bloodline very well and has been wanting horses like that ever since.

Horses from the old Hornafjörður-Breed are usually very friendly towards people and calm in the herd, but have big personalities and are independent characters. They are usually easy to break in if you handle them right and give them the time in the beginning of their training. Their forward willingness usually grows with their training and there is a quote that describes it pretty well. It was said about the stallion Blakkur frá Árnanesi  “skap og fjör svo mikið, að ekki væri þörf á meiru fyrir kröfuharðan hestamann.” 
Roughly translated: "so much willingness that even a demanding rider could not ask for more."

The tölt is usually the best of the gaits. They are also known for their almost supernatural endurance and speed range in their gaits.

Þorkell Bjarnason, former "horse-breeding-minister" of iceland, describes it very well in his quote:
“Enginn maður heldur út að ferðast svo lengi, án hvíldar, að hann nálgist það að vera til frásagnar þegar viljinn fjarar út í hornfirskum viljahesti.” (Jódynur 1990)
Roughly translated:"no man has the endurance to travel (riding) for so long, without resting, that he will experience the willingness fade in a Hornafjörður powerhorse"

We have been breeding Hornafjörður-horses for many years. We know the horses well and like their qualities. 
It is also our belief that it will be good to have access to this bloodline later because the horses in Iceland are getting more and more related.

The main ancestors of our Hornafjörður breeding are; Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri, Flosi frá Brunnum and Gustur frá Grund.

 Breeding experiment 2011

In 2011 we rented the stallion, Akkur frá Vatnsleysu, (then only 3 years old) and bred him with Hornafjörður mares. The idea to use Akkur was born when we were looking at what stallions we could use on our Hornafjörður mares. We needed to have some new blood because they were getting to related and inbred. 
We wanted to use a stallion who had Hornafjörður blood behind him and his pedigree also had to fit well to the bloodline.
You can read more about this breeding experiment and why we chose Akkur here.
We are so satisfied with the offsprings that we are still using Akkur on Hornafjörður mares and have also used other horses from Vatnsleysa (especially ancestors of Bára frá Ásgeirsbrekku). 

Our Hornafjörður gene pool 



Bára frá Miðfelli
F: Tígur frá Álfhólum
MF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri

Bára joined our herd in 2012. She was then 11 years old and not broken in, but big and handsome and shows very good trot. Because her pedigree, apperance and that we once owned her full brother (who was a very good horse) we decided to put her directly in our breeding.


Bára frá Miðfelli

Gargandi-Snilld frá Dynjanda

FF: Gustur frá Grund.
MFF: Flosi frá Brunnum.
MMF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri.

Gargandi Snilld is a high spirited fivegaited mare. She is bred by us and is a daughter of Muska frá Viðborðsseli who was a very good 5-gaited mare. Gargandi's father is Kolskeggur frá Oddhóli, a well known stallion. He is a son of Gustur frá Grund and was for many years one of the best A-flokkur horses in Iceland.

Gargandi's mother, Muska, has a strong Hornafjörður bloodline. Her father is Kópur frá Mykjunesi, a son of Flosi frá Brunnum and her mother, Raun frá Flatey, was a sister of Skór and Fífill frá Flatey and her father was Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri.

hornfirsku-garg-muskaGargandi to the left and her mother Muska to the right. Both are ridden, broken in and trained by Hanný Heiler.

 Fimma frá Dynjanda

FF: Tígur frá Álfhólum.
FMFF: Flosi frá Brunnum.
FMFM: Hrefna frá Höfn.
FMMF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri.
MF: Gustur frá Grund.
MMF: Flosi frá Brunnum.


Fimma is a fun fivegaited mare, sired by Skuggi frá Dynjanda and her dam is Bylgja frá Lambleiksstöðum. 
Fimma has a very strong Hornafjörður bloodline. Her father, Skuggi, is a son of Tígur frá Álfhólum and his mother is from the old Hornafjörður bloodline who includes Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri, Flosi frá Brunnum and Hrefna frá Höfn.
Fimma's mother, Bylgja, was a daughter of siblings; Gustur frá Grund and a daughter of Flosi frá Brunnum.

fimma3Fimma frá Dynjanda

Hæra frá Dynjanda

FF: Tígur frá Álfhólum.
FMFF: Flosi frá Brunnum.
FMFM: Hrefna frá Höfn.
FMMF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri.
MF: Flosi frá Brunnum.
MMF: Flosi frá Brunnum.


Hæra is without a doubt one of the (if not THE) most pure bred alive Hornafjörður horse. She has Nökkvi frá Hólmi about 40 times in her pedigree. Also worth mentioning is that Kolbrá, Hæra's mother, is a sister of Dimma frá Miðfelli, who has given great offsprings, including Díva (10 for tölt, total: 8,33) and Dimmir frá Álfhólum (total: 8,29). Kolbrá was sired by Flosi frá Brunnum.

Hæra is a very willing fourgaiter and is now in breeding.


 Hæra frá Dynjanda, with Nökkvi frá Hólmi about 40 times in her pedigree 

  Hanný frá Þúfu

FF: Gustur frá Grund
FFF: Flosi frá Brunnum
MF: Gustur frá Grund
MFF: Flosi frá Brunnum
MMF: Flosi frá Brunnum

Hanný is inbred from Gustur frá Grund and his father Flosi frá Brunnum. 
She is a daughter of two Gustur offsprings and her mother is a daughter of two Flosi offsprings.
Hanný is small but powerful with high leg action.

Hanný has the same mother as Fimma and Þrándur.

hanny feb2016 9Hanný and Hanný

Edda frá Hlemmiskeiði I

F: Byr frá Mykjunesi
M: Apríl frá Árnanesi (pure bred from the old Árananes line)
FMF: Skór frá Flatey
FMMF:  Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri

Edda is a breeding mare with a strong Hornafjörður-Bloodline. Her mother is pure bred from the old Árananes line. Her father is Byr frá Mykjunesi, who has Skór frá Flatey as FMF and Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri as FMMF.


Edda frá Hlemmiskeiði 1

Stjarna frá Runnum

F: Moli frá Skriðu
FFMMM: Irpa frá Kyljuholti

MFF: Fífill frá Flatey
MFMF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri

Stjarna is a daughter of Moli frá Skriðu, who is a son of Glampi frá Vatnsleysu. Stjarna has a rather strong Hornafjörður bloodline in her mothers pedigree. She has Fífill frá Flatey as her MFF, Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri as her MFMF and further back you can find Nökkvi frá Hólmi several times.

stjarna10 stjarna14


Stjarna frá Runnum 

Melkorka frá Miðfelli, born: 2012

F: Akkur frá Vatnsleysu
MMF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri (8,55)

Goodlooking fivegaiter with much forward willingness. Melkorka is from the first year of Akkur x Hornafjörður offsprings (see above, breeding experiment 2011)

melkorka31 melkorka2

Melkorka frá Miðfelli 

Hanna frá Hindisvík, born: 2014

F: Puntur frá Vatnsleysu
M: Bára frá Miðfelli

Beautiful and promising fivegaited mare.

Hanna is of a similar mixture as our Akkur offsprings above. Her mother is a Hornafjörður mare and her father is Puntur frá Vatnsleysu. When you look at Puntur's pedigree you can find much Hornafjörður blood. The more far you look the more you will find. For example: 
MMF Skór frá Flatey, MMMF: Nökkvi frá Hólmi, MFMMMF: Hóla Jarpur frá Hólum, MFMMMMF: Skuggi frá Bjarnanesi, MFFFMFF: Nökkvi frá Hólmi and FFFMFF: Nökkvi frá Hómi.

hanna8Hanna frá Hindisvík 



Djörfung frá Hindisvík, born: 2015

F: Akkur frá Vatnsleysu
M: Gargandi-Snilld frá Vatnsleysu


Djörfung frá Hindisvík

Hrefna frá Hindisvík, born 2016

F: Akkur frá Vatnsleysu
M: Bára frá Miðfelli

hrefna1Hrefna frá Hindisvík

Mön frá Hindisvík

F: Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili
M: Gargandi-Snilld frá Dynjanda

Mön is a daughter of Gargandi-Snilld and the landsmót winner Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili. If you take a look at Nökkvis pedigree you can find rather much Hornafjörður blood. He is also a son of a Glampi-daughter, so it is not far back to Bára frá Ásgeirsbrekku (Hornafjörður x Lýsingur).


Mön frá Hindisvík

Herdís frá Hindisvík, born 2019

F: Akkur frá Vatnsleysu
M: Hæra frá Dynjanda


Hera frá Hindisvík, born 2019

F: Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili
M: Gargandi-Snilld frá Dynjanda


Expected 2020:

In 2020 we are expecting -- foals from the Hornafjörður bloodline:

edda skalmarSkálmar frá Nýjabæ x Edda
fimma skalmarSkálmar frá Nýjabæ x Fimma
 hanna skalmarSkálmar frá Nýjabæ x Hanna
hanny skalmarSkálmar frá Nýjabæ x Hanný
stjarna skalmarSkálmar frá Nýjabæ x Stjarna
haera skalmarSkálmar frá Nýjabæ x Hæra