We have a small breeding of splashed white horses and are focusing on good riding abilities along with the colour.
Below you can read about how this breeding started, which individuals have been born and where we are today.
For those who want to learn more about this color you can read about it here.

 I want to start by mentioning Ómar Runólfsson. He is the key to our success in breeding those horses. Both through his good advice, education and for the great horses we got from his breeding and now build our breeding on. 

From Ómar we got our first splashed white horse, when Hanný was looking for a conformation present for Heiða. That was Tengill frá Laugabóli, a red dun splashed white. More horses from Ómar followed and this collaboration has been very fortunate :)

okkarhjalmskjott tengillTengill frá Laugabóli 2

Next came Birta frá Smyrlabjörgum. She came to our farm for her first training and we liked her so much that Heiða bought her. Birta is a red dun pinto with blue eyes (later it turned out that she is a homozygous pinto), and she has the splash gene from her mother Díana, who is a daughter of Þokki frá Bjarnanesi (he is a full brother to Snælda frá Bjarnanesi, who is among others the mother of Klerkur frá Bjarnanesi. Þokki himself was evaluated with a total score of 8,28. There of 8,46 for riding abilities as a fourgaiter including 9,5 for tölt and trot and 9 for galopp and general impression). Þokki had the splash gene.

okkarhjalmskjott birtaBirta frá Smyrlabjörgum

Birta was later bred with Tengill and one year later our first splashed white foal was born. His name is Álfur frá Dynjanda. Because Álfur is both a splashed white AND a pinto he is very white. He only had one coloured spot in the end of his tail.

okkarhjalmskjott alfurÁlfur frá Dynjanda

Gríma, is one of our splashed white breeding mares. She and her brother Tengill came to us together when they were foals. At that time she was only supposed to stay with us till she was 4 years old and we were supposed to start her first training. Things changed and she became ours. Which we are extremely happy about, since she had grown so much on us. 

Gríma was very easy to start. She had very high leg action and was fivegaited with a great character. 

okkarhjalmskjott grimaGríma frá Laugabóli 2

We did not train Gríma much before we decided to put her into our breeding. Her first offspring was born in 2010, that was Skíma, who is black with a star and snip. Her father is Skuggi frá Dynjanda, who is from the old Hornafjörður bloodline and does not have the splash gene.

Other offsprings of Gríma will be introduced further down on this page.

okkarhjalmskjott skimaSkíma frá Dynjanda

 Skrámur frá Hurðarbaki is an ancestor to some of our horses, through his daughter (Skráma) who was our breeding mare for a few years and will be introduced later in this article.

We got Skrámur from Ómar Runólfsson. He was a bay splashed white gelding. Skrámur turned out to be a very good horse. Hanný and Heiða took part in a few competitions with Skrámur and got good results. He raised a lot of attention and was eventually sold to Switzerland, where he also was a successful competition horse.

okkarhjalmskjott skramurSkrámur frá Hurðarbaki

When we heard that Skrámur had a chestnut pinto daughter (Skráma frá Viðey) we could not resist it and bought her unseen. She was then 6 years old, not broken in and pregnant. In the summer she gave birth to a black pinto stallion and in the following winter we started her first training. She was then 7 years old ! 

In her training Skráma turned out to be a pleasant surprise. She was fourgaited with very high leg action. She had good willingness forward but was well behaved and had strong nerves.
We did not train Skráma for long before she was put into our breeding. From her we got 3 full siblings after Strákur frá Vatnsleysu, before she was sold. Her offsprings will be introduced later in this article.

okkarhjalmskjott skramaSkráma frá Viðey

Buska frá Laugabóli came to us with Kappi and Skrámur. She was a bay mare with star and snip. A daughter of Skrámur and the same mother as Tengill. 
Buska was a likeable fivegaited mare. It turned out that she had an old injury to her splint bone and could not been fully trained. We decided to stop her training and put her to the stallion Glámur frá Hofsósi (chestnut splashed white). Buska never came home from this visit because she was sold during her stay. One year later a bay splashed white stallionfoal was born.

okkarhjalmskjott buskaBuska on the first two pictures to the left and her son sired by Glámur frá Hofsósi to the right.

Strákur frá Vatnsleysu has had a big influence on our splashed white breeding. We were so lucky to get to buy him when he was 3 years old. He is a unique individual, through his joyful and kind character and is a big favorite of ours.
Fortunately we already got a few offsprings from him and would like to have many more.

okkarhjalmskjott strakurStrákur frá Vatnsleysu

Janus Ari was the first foal born into our breeding with two splashed white parents. He is born in 2012 and is a son of Gríma and Strákur. We started Janus Ari in the fall when he was 3 years old and he was sold shortly later. Janus Ari was very easy to start and showed both clean beat in tölt and trot under his rider.

okkarhjalmskjott janusariJanus Ari frá Dynjanda

Miðja is also from our first year of foals after Strákur (born 2012). We loaned her mother (Villimey frá Eyrarbakka) and brought her to Strákur, because we found it likely that she had the splash gene because she was black with a star and snip, and also a daughter of Orion frá Litla-Bergi who is a known splash carrier. We were very happy when we were proven right the next year, when Miðja was born. 
Miðja has been trained for a few weeks and turned out to be a very promising mare. She showed both tölt and trot under her rider with high movements.

okkarhjalmskjott midjaMiðja frá Dynjanda

Dalía is born the same summer as Miðja and Janus Ari. She is not splashed white, but has the splash gene. Dalía is a daughter of Strákur and Skáma, Skrámur-daughter.
Dalía is a promising fivegaited mare with big movements. She was sold when she was 5 years old.

okkarhjalmskjott daliaDalía frá Dynjanda

Dáð is a black splashed white mare owned by Heiða. She is born in 2013 and a daughter of Strákur and Gríma
Dáð is now in her first training. She shows a very good charakter with all gaits and nice movements.

okkarhjalmskjott dadDáð frá Dynjanda

Toppur frá Haukholtum is a red dun pinto with the splash gene. He is bred by Heiða, who loaned his mother, Birta frá Smyrlabjörgum and brought her to Strákur frá Vatnsleysu
At first we thought that Toppur was a splashed white and a pinto. But with a dna test we found out that he is "only" a pinto with the splash gene.
Toppur was very easy and cooperative in his first training. He chose both tölt and trot with soft and promising movements. He was sold shortly after that and is now in Germany. 

okkarhjalmskjott toppurToppur frá Haukholtum

Stelpa is a dark chestnut mare with a blaze. She got the splash gene from her father, Strákur
Stelpa is born in 2014 and is a daughter of Skráma, which makes her a full sister to Dalía and Skarði.

stelpaStelpa frá Hindisvík

Spes is a black splashed white mare, born in 2015. Her parents are Strákur and Gríma
Spes was a well developed and very good looking young mare with a lot of tölt and nice movements. She was sold as a foal.

spesSpes frá Hindisvík

Glenna frá Flugumýri (bay dun splashed white) joined our group in late february 2016. Heiða trained her for a few weeks and she turned out to be a fun and willing fivegaited mare with great tölt.
Glenna is now in our breeding.

okkarhjalmskjott glennaGlenna frá Flugumýri

Heiðrún is a chestnut splashed white mare. Born in summer 2016. Her parents are Strákur and Gríma.
Heiðrún was sold as a foal.

grima kostud1Heiðrún frá Hindisvík

Þeyr frá Þverá II joined our herd in spring 2017. He is a chestnut splashed white stallion with light mane and tail. He shows very promising movements, a lot of tölt and a kind charakter. Þeyr went to Germany when he was 3 years old.

skrauti2Þeyr 1 year old, summer 2016. Photographer is Elín Sigurðardóttir.

Fönix frá Flugumýri is a bay splashed white stallion, born in 2017.
His father is Strákur frá Vatnsleysu and mother is Venus frá Fjalli (MF: Orion frá Litla-Bergi). Fönix is a brother of Glenna.

fonix2Fönix frá Flugumýri

Helmingur frá Hindisvík is a chestnut splashed white stallion born in 2017. He is a son of Strákur and Gríma.
Helmingur was sold as a foal.

helmingurHelmingur frá Hindisvík

Þrenna frá Hindisvík is a bay splashed white mare born in 2017. Her parents are Strákur and Glenna.
Þrenna shows very promising gaits and movements.

thrennaÞrenna frá Hindisvík

Bliki frá Ytri-Hofdölum - Born 2017.
We bought Bliki as a foal.
He is a black splashed white son of Sindri frá Vatnsleysu and Móblesa frá Ytri-Hofdölum (F: Ísak frá Kirkjubæ).

bliki2Bliki frá Ytri-Hofdölum

Vængur frá Hindisvík - born 2018.
Well developed stallionfoal by Strákur and Gríma. He was sold as a foal.

2018 grima 5 2018 grima 2

 Glanni frá Hindisvík - born 2018.

Handsome stallionfoal by Strákur and Glenna.

2018 glenna 5Glanni frá Hindisvík 2018 glenna 4Glanni frá Hindisvík

With us today:

Below is a list with the splashed white horses and gene carriers that belong to us today: 
By clicking on the names you can read more about the individuals. Most of them have been featured above.





Next summer (2019) we are expecting two splashed white foals

2017 grimaGríma was with Strákur and the offspring will be splashed white

2017 glenna

Glenna was with Strákur and is expecting a splashed white offspring