The people behind Hindisvík are Ástmundur Agnar Norland, better known as Tobbi in Hindisvík, Hanný Norland Heiler and Heiða Heiler. We live in Sæból, which is a small farm about 500m outside of Hvammstangi, but our breeding horses are in Hindisvík.



Tobbi has been breeding, training, shooing and breaking in horses for his whole life. He also has a lot of experience with horse trips and was a judge in horse-sports competition and riding teacher for many years. Together with his father, Agnar Norland, he bred the famous Hindisvík bloodline for many years. They also built the horse center and riding hall "Hindisvík" in Mosfellsbær, Reykjavík, wich was one of the first in Iceland.
tobbiTobbi - Huginn, Hlöðvir, Adda and Skuggi.

Hanný is born and raised in Germany. She first came to Iceland in 1981 and moved here in 1984. She has been educated as a Horse Agronomist and Riding Instructor in Germany and is also a Trainer and B-Riding Instructor from FT.
Hanný is a judge in Gæðingakeppni and has been working as a trainer (breaking in young horses) for 30 years, there of 26 years in Hornafjörður. For a few years she also taught the Knapamerki in Framhaldsskólinn í Austur-Skaftafellssýslu (college). 

hanny1Hanný - Hekla, Strakur, Adda and Muska


Hanný - With Nökkvi and the dogs - With Nökkvi - And Janus Ari

Heiða is Hanný's daughter. She has always been "crazy" about horses and has been working with horses for many years, both in training and teaching. She is also running and managing this website.
Heiða has learned horse agronomy in Germany and is a "Young-Horses-Trainer" from IPZV.

heida1Heiða - Strákur, Gylfaginning, Muska and Smári


Heiða - With Strákur - taking a nap with Skjóni - graduation photoshoot with baby goat, RóMEó