Colour: Black

F: Tígur frá Álfhólum (8,13)
FF: Nátthrafn frá Álfhólum
FM: Vaka frá Álfhólum

M: Snúlla frá Gerði
MF: Dofri frá Höfn
MM: Vigga frá Gerði (8,03)


Fivegated powerhorse!
Equally good in all gaits. Very strong Hornafjörður bloodline.
Skuggi was a stallion till he was 9 years old and we own a few offsprings from him.

Skuggi went to his new owner in Húsavík in the spring 2015.


Skuggi and Tobbi

Skuggi and Hanný - 2012.


skuggi42Skuggi in april 2012 skuggi43Skuggi in april 2012 skuggi37Skuggi in april 2012 skuggi36Skuggi in april 2012
skuggi38Skuggi in april 2012 skuggi39Skuggi in april 2012 skuggi40Skuggi in april 2012 skuggi41Skuggi in april 2012
skuggi35Hornafjörður horse in the Hornafjörður landscape.
skuggi25Skuggi in the summer 2011 skuggi27Skuggi in the summer 2011 skuggi28Skuggi in the summer 2011 skuggi29Skuggi in the summer 2011
skuggi30Skuggi in the summer 2011 skuggi33Skuggi in the summer 2011 skuggi34Skuggi in the summer 2011 skuggi24Skuggi in the summer 2011
skuggi23Skuggi and Tobbi in spring 2011. skuggi22-1Skuggi and Tobbi in spring 2011. skuggi21-1Skuggi and Tobbi in spring 2011.
skuggi13Winter 2011. skuggi14Winter 2011. skuggi16Winter 2011.
skuggi15Winter 2011. skuggi17Winter 2011. skuggi18Winter 2011.
skuggi20Winter 2011. skuggi-1Winter 2011. skuggi19Winter 2011.
skuggi618 march 2011. skuggi1218 march 2011.
skuggi918 march 2011.   skuggi1118 march 2011.
skuggi818 march 2011. skuggi718 march 2011. skuggi1018 march 2011.
skuggi2Summer 2010 skuggi3Summer 2010
skuggi4Hanný and Skuggi in flying pace - summer 2010. skuggi1Skuggi, 3 years old. 




Skuggi has a few offsprings and the first were started last year and will be in further trainin this winter (2015).
In january 2013 his daughter, Skíma, got 2nd place in a young horses show.
Skuggi's offsprings are mostly very big and handsome. You can view pictures of his offsprings below.


nokkviNökkvi frá Dynjanda born 2011. nokkvi2Nökkvi frá Dynjanda born 2011. nokkvi3Nökkvi frá Dynjanda born 2011.
skima1Skíma frá Dynjanda, born 2010. skima10Skíma frá Dynjanda, born 2010. skimaSkíma frá Dynjanda, born 2010.
fimma2Fimma frá Dynjanda, born 2009. fimmaFimma frá Dynjanda, born 2009. fimma1Fimma frá Dynjanda, born 2009.
haera2Hæra frá Dynjanda, born 2010 haeraHæra frá Dynjanda, born 2010 haera3Hæra frá Dynjanda, born 2010
skuggi-afk1Hrafn frá Skálafelli, born 2013 skuggi-afk2Hrafn frá Skálafelli, born 2013  
ofeigurÓfeigur frá Dynjanda, there 3 year old stallion (born 2011). ofeigur10Ófeigur frá Dynjanda, there a 2 year old stallion. (born 2011) ofeigur13Ófeigur frá Dynjanda, there 3 year old stallion (born 2011).
fimma13Fimma frá Dynjanda (born 2009) fimma5Fimma frá Dynjanda (born 2009)