Colour: Blue dun tobiano with star and snip

F: Skjóni frá Þorlákshöfn
FF: Þristur frá Feti (8,27)
FM: Perla frá Enni

M: Folda frá Svanavatni
MF: Gáski frá Hofsstöðum (8,32)
MM: Hvöt frá Nýlendu


Conformation - 4 years old
Head: 7,0
F) Ravens nose   K) Bad ear position
Neck/withers/shoulders: 8,5
1) Well raised   5) Supple   7) High withers
Back and croup: 8,0
8) Good backline
Porportions: 8,0
Legs: 7,5
2) Strong joints   G) Unclear separation
Joints: 7,5
Comments on hind legs: E) Broken toe line
Hooves: 8,0
4) Strong heels
Mane and tail: 7,5
Total conformation score: 7,92


About: Well raised and handsome gelding. Farsæll is very reliable and caring but well willing forward.

He was a stallion till 5 years old and has 15 registered offsprings in Worldfengur.

farsaell2Farsæll in the mid night sun, june 2015
farsaell1Farsæll in a tour with his former owner farsaellFarsæll in a tour with his former owner