Colour: Chestnut with star

F: Skuggi frá Dynjanda
FF: Tígur frá Álfhólum (8,13)
FM: Snúlla frá Gerði

M: Hnáta frá Mið-Kárastöðum
MF: Glæsir frá Hindisvík
MM: Hrund frá Hindisvík


About:  Gunnar B has a very unique pedigree, especially for a horse living nowadays. His mother is pure bred from the Hindisvík bloodline and the father is from the Hornafjörður bloodline. This makes Gunnar B unrelated to most Icelandic horses. 

We usually do not mix our two bloodlines together but wanted to experiment with it this once. Now is just to wait and see how he will turn out to be.
Gunnar B is named after Gunnar Bjarnason who was a horsebreeding minister and was very interested in the old icelandic bloodlines.

The video is taken in april 2016, when Gunnar is almost 3 years old. He has no shoes on the video.
Gunnar shows a great speedrange in all gaits with really powerful and active hind legs.
Gunnar B is fivegaited.

Gunnar left to his new owners in the end of 2018.

gunnarb1spring 2017 (4 years old) gunnarb2spring 2017 (4 years old)
gunnarbje1April 2016 (3 years old) gunnarbje2April 2016 (3 years old) gunnarbje4April 2016 (3 years old)
gunnarbje3April 2016 (3 years old) gunnarbje5April 2016 (3 years old)
gunnarbje7April 2016 (3 years old) gunnarbje10April 2016 (3 years old) gunnarbje11April 2016 (3 years old)
saeboljanuar 39January 2016 (turning 3) saeboljanuar 40January 2016 (turning 3)
gunnarb71 year old (september 2014) gunnarb6February 2014 gunnarb5February 2014
gunnarb413 days old gunnarbGunnar B 13 days old. His mother, Hnáta, standing beside him.
gunnarb28 days old gunnarb313 days old
gunnarb1Gunnar B and his mother with our old farm, Dynjandi, in the background. This picture was taken when Gunnar was 8 days old.
gunnarbje172013 gunnarbje182013