bara8Fall 2017 IS2002277123

Colour: black

F: Tígur frá Álfhólum (8,13)
FF: Nátthrafn frá Álfhólum
FM: Vaka frá Álfhólum

M: Hrefna frá Miðfelli
MF: Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri (8,55)
MM: Tinna frá Miðfelli 

About: Bára came to us in february 2013. She has not been trained but we decided to put her in breeding because of her Hornafjörður pedigree. We once owned her full brother and some siblings, so we know her kin well.
Bára is a half syster of our Skuggi (same father) and is also very related to him trough their mothers.
100% Hornafjörður bloodline. Big
 and good looking.

Bára was sold in summer 2019.


Bára's offsprings
Year: Name: Father: Colour: 
2014 Hanna Puntur frá Vatnsleysu Palomino with star and snip.
2016 Hrefna Akkur frá Vatnsleysu Black
2018 Víkingur Gunnar B frá Hindisvík Chestnut
In the summer 2019 Bára was covered with Skálmar frá Nýjabæ


bara9Summer 2018
bara kostud3Bára with her daughter (Hrefna), only a few hours old bara7Summer 2017
bara6Bára pregnant with Puntur frá Vatnsleysu. 11.may 2014.  bara5Bára in Hindisvík. 11.may 2014. 
bara1Bára in begin of june 2013. (11 years old)  bara4Bára in begin of june 2013. (11 years old)