Colour: Dark chestnut splashed white
with light mane and tail.

F: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu (8,35)
FF: Smári frá Borgarhóli (8,01)
FM: Albína frá Vatnsleysu

M: Sonata frá Vatnsleysu (8,10)
MF: Jarl frá Búðardal (8,10)
MM: Silja frá Vatnsleysu


Height on withers: 145 cm (stick measurement)

About: We bought Strákur in january 2011. His parents both have first price and his full brother, Sjarmi, has been evaluated in a breeding show with 9 for tölt and trot, and 8,5 for general impression and willingness. Sjarmi was only 5 years old when he got his first 9,0 in a breeding show. 
Another full brother, Seðill frá Vatnsleysu, is also a splashed white and has been evaluated with 8,30 for rideabilities.

Strákur has a unique and kind character and is easy to ride. His gaits are well seperated and clear with a great speed range. His movements are high and soft.

The colour splashed white does not inherit like "normal" pintos. Both parents have to have the gene so the offspring can have this colour. You can read more about how the colour does inherit here.

His first offsprings are born in 2012. They have been very easy to work with, and usually all gaits open right from the beginning with high movements.

Pictures of his offsprings are below on this page.

Strákur left to the USA in june 2019.

Strákur is also on facebook:

Strákur in may 2015. The rider is also Strákur's breeder, Björn in Vatnsleysa. 


dreng18© Jay Toups 2018

Strákur meeting the first mares for the season (2018)


strakur48Strákur and Hanný in may 2015
strakurbjossi1Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi2Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi3Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi4Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi5Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi6Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi8Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi9Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi10Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi11Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi12Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi13Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi14Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi15Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi16Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi17Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi18Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi19Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi20Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi21Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi22Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi23Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi24Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi25Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi26Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi27Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi28Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi29Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi30Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi31Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi32Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi33Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi34Strákur in may 2015
strakurbjossi35Strákur in may 2015 strakurbjossi36Strákur in may 2015
strak mai 2015Strákur 16 may 2015 strak mai 2015 1Strákur 16 may 2015 strak mai 2015 2Strákur 16 may 2015
strak mai 2015 5Strákur 16 may 2015 strak mai 2015 4Strákur 16 may 2015 strak mai 2015 3Strákur 16 may 2015
strakurmars1Strákur 30 march 2015 strakurmars2Strákur 30 march 2015 strakurmars3Strákur 30 march 2015
strakurmars7Strákur 30 march 2015 strakurmars5Strákur 30 march 2015 strakurmars10Strákur 30 march 2015
strakurmars9Strákur 30 march 2015 strakurmars12Strákur 30 march 2015
strakur620.february 2014
strakur9Strákur in his wintercoat (end of november 2013). strakur2Free with his mares (june 2014). strakur7No hands !
strakur120.february 2014 strakur820.february 2014
strakur16Tired of modeling (march 2013) strakur4Strákur 16.may 2014 - tölt strakur5Strákur 16.may 2014 - trot
strakur10Tölt on the left and trot on the right. strakur11The last ride before he went to his mares. (may 2013)
strakur12Strákur in may 2013, turning 6 years old. strakur13Strákur in may 2013, turning 6 years old. strakur14Strákur in may 2013, turning 6 years old.
strakur17-1Slow tölt. strakur18This picture was published in the Italian VOGUE in april 2013. He was not scared of the flying fabric. strakur15Strákur in may 2013, turning 6 years old.
strakur20With his mares, summer 2012. 
strakur21Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old) strakur23Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old) strakur24Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old)
strakur28Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old) strakur22Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old) strakur25Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old)
strakur26Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old) strakur27Strákur 24.may 2012 (5 years old) strakur36In the end of january 2012.
strakur29Strákur 24.may 2012. (5 years old) strakur35End of january 2012.
strakur30Strákur in march 2012. (5 years old) strakur31Strákur in march 2012. (5 years old) strakur19Strákur í hryssum (ágúst 2012)
strakur37Looking over his mares, summer 2011. strakur38Strákur 4. years old. Less than 1 month trained.
strakur39Pictures out of a video taken in summer 2010 in Vatnsleysa. There he is 3 years old. strakur40Pictures out of a video taken in summer 2010 in Vatnsleysa. There he is 3 years old. strakur41Pictures out of a video taken in summer 2010 in Vatnsleysa. There he is 3 years old.
strakur42Pictures out of a video taken in summer 2010 in Vatnsleysa. There he is 3 years old. strakur43Pictures out of a video taken in summer 2010 in Vatnsleysa. There he is 3 years old. strakur44Pictures out of a video taken in summer 2010 in Vatnsleysa. There he is 3 years old.
strakur45Strákur when he was a foal. strakur46Strákur when he was a foal.

Strákur 3 years old in Vatnsleysa


Strákur's first offsprings were born in 2012. They are big personalities and curious about the humans. They show all gaits with a lot of tölt and high movements. Below you can see pictures of his offsprings.

If you have an offspring from Strákur we would be very happy to get a picture for the collection.

strakura1 strakura2 strakura10
strakura5 strakura4 strakura7
strakura6 strakura3 strakura15 strakura32
strakura8 strakura11 strakura12
strakura13 strakura14 strakura17
strakura18 strakura19 strakura20
strakura21 strakura23 strakura24
strakura33 strakura22 strakura16 strakura36
strakura28 strakura25 strakura26
strakura27 strakura29 strakura30
strakura35 strakura31 strakura34 strakura37
strakura38 strakura39 strakura40
strakura9 strakura41 strakura47
strakura44 strakura42 spes strakura52
drottning21 strakura43
midjafeb2016 6 midjafeb2016 21 strakura46
janusari frumtaminn
threnna strakura 47
strakura51 hjalmskjott klukka strakura48
strakura50 dalia35 strakura49
2018 grima 1 threnna5 240515 59
skardi9 dad9 janusari37
midja36 flato5 midja37
midja38 grimuson