Colour: Chestnut splashed white
with light mane and tail

F: Strákur frá Vatnsleysu
FF: Glampi frá Vatnsleysu (8,35)
FM: Sonata frá Vatnsleysu (8,10

M: Gríma frá Laugabóli 2
MF: Engill frá Refsstöðum
MFF: Hróður frá Refsstöðum (8,39)
MM: Gamla-Sokka frá Brandsstöðum


Umsögn: Janus Ari is the first foal in our breeding, that haves 2 splashed white parents. He has a really long mane and shows tölt and trot with high movements. We have also seen him in flying pace while the other youngsters were galloping. His character is calm and friendly.

Updated: Janus Ari was broken in by us in fall 2015. He was very easy to start and chose both clear beated tölt and trot under rider. He was sold shortly after that.


saeboljanuar 30January 2016 (turning 4) saeboljanuar 31January 2016 (turning 4) saeboljanuar 33January 2016 (turning 4)
janusari frumtaminnFor the fifth time ridden outside.
janusari38Janus Ari, may 2015 (3 years old)
janusari36Janus Ari, may 2015 (3 years old) janusari37Janus Ari, may 2015 (3 years old)
janusari35Janus Ari 2 years old (sept 2014)
janusari1Janus Ari, 8.may 2014. (2 years old) janusari33Janus Ari 22.december 2013 (1 year old)  


janusari32Janus Ari 22 december 2013 (1 year old)
janusari32Janus Ari 22 december 2013 (1 year old) janusari313 december 2013. (1 year old) janusari34Janus Ari 26 april 2014 (2 years old)
janusari281 year old janusari26Janus Ari 7 august (1 year old) janusari27Janus Ari 7 august (1 year old)
janusari23Janus Ari - trot (1 year old) janusari24Janus Ari - tölt (1 year old) janusari25Janus Ari - tölt (1 year old)
janusari19Janus Ari 3,5 months old. janusari21Janus Ari 3,5 months old. janusari22Janus Ari in august 2012. When this picture was taken he had not seen humans for the whole summer.
janusari17Janus Ari 20 june, 2012. janusari18Janus Ari 20 june, 2012. janusari20Janus Ari 3,5 months old.
janusari12 janusari14 janusari13
janusari62 days old janusari15Janus Ari, 15 may (9 days old). janusari1611 days old
janusari92 days old janusari102 days old janusari2 days old
janusari82 days old janusari72 days old janusari5Just a few hours old
janusari4Just a few hours old janusari3Just a few hours old janusari2Just a few hours old