Colour: Chestnut with star

F: Glæsir frá Hindisvík
FF: Hjörtur frá Hindisvík
FFF: Hlöðvir frá Hindisvík
FM: Litla-Jörp frá Hindisvík

M: Frá frá Hindisvík
MF: Platon frá Sauðárkróki (8,08)
MM: Stella frá Hindisvík


Fjöður is a typical example for the Hindisvík bloodline: finely built with a lot of charisma and great trot.
She was easy and cooperative in her first training. Showing nice movements.
75% pure bred from the old Hindisvík-Bloodline.



fjodur21Winter 2017 (2,5 years old)
fjodur20June 2016 (2 years old)
hindishross28Two Hindisvík bloodline mares; Fjöður and Yngri-Rauðka in Hindisvík in september 2015 (1 year old) hindishross30Fjöður in Hindisvík in late september 2015 (1 year old)
fjodur1Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur2Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur3Hindisvik, december 2014.
fjodur4Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur5Hindisvik, december 2014. hind2015 19Fjöður turning one year old. Picture is taken in Hindisvík, in spring 2015.
fjodur6Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur7Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur8Hindisvik, december 2014.
fjodur9Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur10Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur11Hindisvik, december 2014.
fjodur12Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur13Hindisvik, december 2014. fjodur14Hindisvik, december 2014.
fjodurnovember 2014 fjodur15november 2014
fjodur18november 2014 fjodur16november 2014 fjodur17november 2014
fjodur19november 2014