I feel forced to make a small status update! It's way to long since the last one. We had a very busy summer + the website-manager/photographer has been away. We are now working very hard on our farm. We are renovating and changing the "sheep-house" (sorry dont know the english word!) into a stable. There is a lot of work around that + painting the house, and making some fences. But still we had some horses on shoes this summer. Our 4 year old mares, Skíma and Hæra, have both been broken in and can be ridden alone outside. Heiða took Gyðja (5.years old) with her to Vatnsleysa (where she is working) and has been riding her there.
Yesterday we took home our young stallions, they were in a pasture in Gauksmýri, who is a farm close to ours. They will be in the stable now for a few days, getting halter trained and more used to human contact. We have sent a DNA sample of Toppur to Germany to be sure if he is a real splashed white + pinto, or only a "normal" pinto with the splash gene.
The newest member of the family is Álfur, a horse breed by Heiða. He was sold as a foal in 2007, and now he is back with us. Its nice to see him again, and no doubt who the parents are (we owned both his mother and father).

I will end the post with a few pictures. 

2014-12-09aGyðja enjoying life in Vatnsleysa

2014-12-09bDáð and Dalía in the wilds of Vatnsnes

2014-12-09cDáð (1 year old) & Dalía (2 years old)

2014-12-09dStrákurs mares are gone to their homes and he will spend the fall with Gríma in a well grown field.




2014-12-09hStrákur frá Vatnsleysu

2014-12-09iÁlfur frá Dynjanda

2014-12-09jÁlfur and Húni