These pictures are of Dama frá Hindisvík and Tobbi. They are taken last october, when Tobbi was in Eifel, Germany.
Dama is born in Hindisvík in 1985 (30 years ago) and that makes her the oldest living Hindisvík horse. She is pure bred from Hindisvík and her father and mother are both offsprings from Glóblesi frá Hindisvík. 
Dama is one of many horses who were sold abroad in 1995. Her owner and the photographer of these pictures is Dieter Puetz in Waldhof, Germany. He has been a very successful breeder and owned many Hindisvík horses.


After publishing this article we got an phonecall from Franz Reuter who owns a pure bred Hindisvík mare born in 1981. That makes Dama the second oldest Hindisvík horse in the world (that we know of!) Her name is Æsa frá Hindisvík and she is 34 years old.