In march we had in our stable our smallest and tallest Hornafjörður mares. 
Hanný (smallest) ist turning 4 years old. We just broke her in and decided because of her size to let her develop till summer 2016 before we go on with her training. Hanný shows very high movements and nice trot so we are looking forward to continue working with her. Her father is Flosi frá Þúfu, a son of Gustur frá Grund, and her mother is Bylgja frá Lambleiksstöðum, a daughter of Gustur frá Grund and his sister from the same father. 
Hæra (the tallest) is turning 5 years old. She was in training this winter and is now on summer vacation in Hindisvík till next fall. Hæra is very charming, beautiful and shows trot with big steps. We have not started to ask her for tölt, but think that it will be easy for her. She will have enough power and speedrange, that she has inherited through her strong Hornafjörður bloodline. Hæra has the known Nökkvi frá Hólmi about 40 times in her pedigree and Ófeigur frá Hvanneyri 5 times.
We are looking forward to see how these two potential breeding mares will develope in the coming years :)

haera hannyHæra to the left and Hanný to the righthaera hanny1Hanný, Hanný and Hæra