Yesterday morning Gríma gave birth to a beautiful black splashed white marefoal. Father of the foal is Strákur frá Vatnsleysu. We named her Spes which means "special". She is very curious towards people and not at all afraid. 
This is our first foal this year. We are expecting 4 more, all of them sired by Akkur frá Vatnsleysu
This is always such an exciting time. The following pictures were taken yesterday and the photographer is Hanný Heiler :)

spesAlmost as little white as possible in a splashed white. Just a small white dot on her udder. She has a wide blaze, 4 socks and a little white in her tail. We like how her blaze is identically same on both sides of her face.



spes4both eyes are blue

spes5Very fond of humans

spes6Hanný had to hold her back with her feet so she could take a picture ..

spes7otherwise this happened :P

spes8white in the tail