Time for a little post ! We have not been posting anything for a while now because our web-manager & photographer has been in poor internet connectivity lately.
This weekend I got some time off and took some photographs. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, so those are taken with my phone.
This summer has been really good and we have now cut the grass on all our pastures and will be making hay-rolls tonight or tomorrow. It looks like we will be cutting it 2x this year :)

Strákur has been released with mares in one of the most beautiful places in iceland. They have 3 running streams of water and access to seaweed + shelter from wind in any direction. It is no problem to add mares to the group. If you are interested to bring a mare it would be best if you would contact Hanný via e-mail; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)

220614 1Strákur frá Vatnsleysu

220614 2Happy with his grass and mares

220614 3
220614 4
220614 5
220614 6The view towards the Westfjords

220614 7Skráma, Stelpa and Gríma

220614 8Skráma with her foal, Stelpa

220614 9Stelpa frá Hindisvík

220614 10

220614 11

220614 12

220614 13

220614 14

220614 15

In training we only have one older horse, Adda, and then 5 and 4 year old youngsters. The 5 year old horses are all a bit trained and have all started to tölt.
A few days ago we took in our 4 year old mares; Hæra (pure-Hornafjörður bloodline) and Skíma.
Hanný has already shoed them, and it was no problem. Skíma is the first offspring of Gríma, that will be trained and Hæra is our first and only mare from Kolbrá. They are both big and handsome and we are excited to see how they will turn out. Their father is our Skuggi.

 220614 16Gyðja, 5 years old. F: Aris frá Akureyri. M: Gylfaginning frá Oddhóli.

220614 17Skíma 4 years old. F: Skuggi frá Dynjanda. M: Gríma frá Laugabóli 2.

220614 18Hæra, Hornafjörður mare. F: Skuggi frá Dynjanda. M: Kolbrá frá Miðfelli.

220614 19Hæra, 4 years old

220614 20Our round-pen is almost ready.