Strákur has now been released to his field where he will be serving mares for the summer. We had to wait a little bit longer this year because of the late spring, but now finally everything is green. It is no problem to add mares to the field later in the summer.
The group is under daily supervision and has access to running water and seaweed.
If you are interested in bringing a mare to Strákur, please contact Hanný via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 354-845-3832

strakurihryssur1Strákur greeting Skíma

strakurihryssur2Strákur greeting Skíma

strakurihryssur3Strákur greeting Skíma

strakurihryssur4Strákur, Skíma and Gríma

strakurihryssur5Strákur and Skíma

strakurihryssur6Gríma and her daughter, Spes

strakurihryssur7Spes frá Hindisvík, a daughter of Strákur

strakurihryssur8A little out of focus, Gríma and Spes


strakurihryssur10Strákur, Milla, Skíma

strakurihryssur11The field has one of the best views in Iceland

strakurihryssur12New members in the herd