We have finished the biggest part of our eiderdown harvesting. It took Hanný and Heiða about 4 days straight to gather the most of it. We were very lucky with the weather, it has to be dry and almost no wind  (otherways the light weight eiderdown will be blown away). We just finished in time because the next day we had strong wind with rain.
We also have to be careful with the timing. You want to wait as long as possible, but you have to take the eiderdown right before the youngs arrive. If the youngs are born we can not take it, untill they have left the nest. We were just in time this year, because in some eggs we could already hear the youngs and some were already cracked. 

Below are a few pictures from the eidernesting colonie. Photographer is Stephanie Hentschel, who helped us for a few hours :)

duntynsla1Eider nest before harvesting

duntynsla2Eider nest after harvesting

duntynsla3The youngs starting to crack their way out of the eggs.

duntynsla4From the eidernesting colonie







duntynsla11Eiderdown in the drying