In mid june (almost a month ago) we let our 1 year old mares free in Hindisvík. They have been in Sæból this winter so we could feed them better. Now we have brought them to Hindisvík so they could adapt to the herd for a while, before we let them free in the Vatnsnes mountain, where they will spend their summer.
When we got to Hindisvík we saw that two of our mares had given birth to their foals. Gargandi-Snilld had a chestnut marefoal with star and Frá had a chestnut marefoal who we have named Frigg. Father of both foals is Akkur frá Vatnsleysu
Now 4 foals are born in Hindisvík and all of them mares. We are still expecting 1 foal from Flugsvinn and the father is also Akkur. 

 hind2015 1The herd welcoming the youngsters.

hind2015 2The herd welcoming the youngsters.

hind2015 3Hanna in the lead with Munda and Dalía following her.

hind2015 4Milla, Hanna and Skarði

hind2015 5Gargandi with her marefoal sired by Akkur frá Vatnsleysu

hind2015 6Chestnut marefoal (Frigg), a daughter of Frá and Akkur

hind2015 7Glæring and her daughter in Hindisvík

hind2015 8Mother & daughter

hind2015 9

hind2015 10Freedom ! The three 1 year old mares in the front. The palomino (Hanna) is from the Hornafjörður bloodline, and the chestnuts (Fjöður & Yngri-Rauðka) are from the Hindisvík bloodline.

hind2015 11Daughter of Gargandi

hind2015 12Daughter of Gargandi

hind2015 13Daughter of Gargandi

hind2015 14Frigg

hind2015 15Frigg

hind2015 16Frigg

hind2015 17Our 1 year old mares got plenty to eat this winter (as you can see^^). On the picture is Yngri-Rauðka, a pure bred Hindisvík mare back till 1880.

hind2015 18Skíma, who is now with our stallion, Strákur frá Vatnsleysu.

hind2015 19The 1 year old Hindisvík mare, Fjöður.

hind2015 20The 1 year old Hindisvík mare, Fjöður.

hind2015 21Glæring and her daughter

hind2015 22Spes frá Hindisvík

hind2015 23Fjöður and Skarði saying hello

hind2015 24Mother & daughter

hind2015 25A lot of charisma and attitude. She will probably have a big personality.

hind2015 26

hind2015 27Spes has grown a lot

hind2015 28Spes has grown a lot

hind2015 29Spes

hind2015 30F: Akkur frá Vatnsleysu, M: Gargandi-Snilld

hind2015 31F: Akkur frá Vatnsleysu, M: Glæring

hind2015 32F: Akkur frá Vatnsleysu, M: Glæring

hind2015 33Frigg

hind2015 34Frigg evaluating those strange looking 2 legged creatures.

hind2015 35Very beautiful and erected mare with charisma. Her mother Glæring has had 5 pinto foals in a row. Which is rather unique because she is not a homozygous pinto. The odds for her to have a pinto is "only" 50%, each time (if the father is not a pinto).

hind2015 36Daughter of Glæring

hind2015 37Daughter of Glæring

hind2015 38Daughter of Glæring

hind2015 39Daughter of Glæring

hind2015 40Daughter of Glæring

hind2015 41Spes frá Hindisvík

hind2015 42

hind2015 43Miðja & Gyðja