I have not had any time to put those pictures on the website. They were taken about 1 month ago. The horse is Hetja, who is a pure bred Hindisvík mare. She is pure bred back to the year 1880 and that makes her also unrelated to most of today's horses.
Her father is Glæsir frá Hindisvík and her mother is a daughter of Hlöðvir. 
The pictures are taken when Hetja is about 3 months ridden. We got her last fall, then she was 5 years old and unbroken. 
Hetja is now on holiday in Hindisvík where she will spend the fall. 

 hetja2015 1

hetja2015 2

hetja2015 3

hetja2015 4

hetja2015 5

hetja2015 6

hetja2015 7

hetja2015 8

hetja2015 9

hetja2015 10

hetja2015 11

hetja2015 12

hetja2015 13