Last winter we posted a short article about our tallest and smallest horses (who are both from the Hornafjörður bloodline). You can read it here
Now it is time to update this article. Because Kolviður, (younger brother to Hæra from the previous article) is now much bigger than she is. He is only 3 years old. Our smallest "grown up" horse is still Hanný.


Hanný 4 years old (left) and Kolviður 3 years old (right)


Hanný, Hanný and Kolviður


Kolviður, 3 years old


Kolviður is now on Sæból and the plan is to start him for a short time and continue his training in the winter or next summer. He and Lundfriður (also on Sæból), are the first Akkur offsprings that we are starting. 


Janus Ari also just came in and here he is with both rider and saddle for the very first time.