I have been seeing so many beautiful pictures of Flugsvinn's siblings that I could not resist to post some of them here. 

Flugsvinn is one of our breeding mares. She is a daughter of the double Landsmót winner Geisli frá Sælukoti and the 1st price daughter of Hrannar frá Höskuldsstöðum, Hrönn frá Höskuldsstöðum. Flugsvinn is born in Höskuldsstaðir in Breiðdalur and is bred by Marietta Maissen.

hronn fra hoskuldsstodumHrönn and Marietta. Hrönn received among others 9 for tölt and general impression in her breeding assessment.

Flugsvinn has been in our breeding for 2 years. Her oldest offspring is Hrannar (now 1 year old), a son of the Hindisvík stallion Glæsir frá Hindisvík. Hrannar is a handsome dark chestnut who shows very nice movements. He has the strongest Hindisvík bloodline in a now-living stallion, after his father, who is the last alive pure bred stallion of the bloodline.
This summer Flugsvinn gave birth to a chestnut marefoal sired by Akkur frá Vatnsleysu. She has not got a name yet, but shows a lot of tölt and charisma.
Flugsvinn was with Glæsir again this summer, so we are expecting a full sibling of Hrannar in 2016.

flugsv askur

Above you can see Askur frá Finnsstaðaholti. He is a 4 year old stallion, sired by Haukur frá Lönguhlíð. Askur is now in Switzerland. Rider and breeder is Marietta Maissen.

flugsv drottning

Another sibling to Flugsvinn is Drottning frá Höskuldsstöðum. She is a daughter of Örn frá Útnyrðingsstöðum and is also now in Switzerland. The first two pictures (on the left) are from her new home on the Icelandic horse farm; Auas Sparsas with her rider Flurina Barandun. 
The picture to the right is taken in Iceland and there she is ridden by Marietta Maissen.

flugsv drottninghrifandi

Drottning and Hrífandi, both offsprings of Hrönn frá Höskuldsstöðum. Tölting in rythm in Auas Sparsas.

flugsv embla

Embla frá Finnsstaðaholti, 2 year old daughter of Hrönn and Framherji frá Flagbjarnarholti.

flugsv hrifandi

Hrífandi frá Höskuldsstöðum in Auas Sparsas in Switzerland. Rider is Flurina Barandun.
Hrífandi's father is Draumur frá Lönguhlíð.

flugsv nokkvi

Nökkvi frá Höskuldsstöðum full brother to Hrífandi, above. Rider is Marietta Maissen.


And here is one picture of Flugsvinn. Rider is Marietta Maissen :)

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