When 2015 is coming to an end I would like to briefly summarize our events and changes this year :)

 annall2015 6

To begin with our foals born in 2015...
There were five foals born into our breeding this year and were so lucky to get only mares.
First came Spes. She is a black splashed white and her parents are Strákur and Gríma, which makes her a full sister to Dáð and Janus Ari.

spesSpes frá Hindisvík

Next in the row is Hafrún, a daughter of Glæring and Akkur. Hafrún is a chestnut pinto and this is the fifth time in a row that we get a pinto foal from Glæring. The odds each time are 50%, so this is pretty good luck J

hindishross8Hafrún frá Hindisvík

Next in the row are two chestnut daughters of Akkur frá Vatnsleysu. They were both born when we came to Hindisvík one day in mid of june. Frá had a chestnut with star and snip. She is now named Frigg. Gargandi-Snilld had a darker chestnut with no markings, now named Djörfung.

annall2015 1Frigg to the left and Djörfung to the right
Last but not least ! Flugsvinn had a chestnut mare sired by Akkur. She has no name yet.

hindishross3Daughter of Flugsvinn and Akkur

One grown up horse was added to our group. Farsæll has turned out to be a great "working" horse. He is kind, reliable and likes to work. He has helped us a lot with breaking in the young horses and teaching horses to lead from another horse, as well as taking longer leading tours to vary the training.

farsaell2Farsæll frá Vatnahjáleigu

These horses went to new owners in 2015:

adda1Adda skimaSkíma gydja12Gyðja skuggi25Skuggi
milla7Milla gotti20Gottskálk janusari37Janus Ari hindishross3Daughter of Flugsvinn and Akkur

We look at 2016 with excitement because there are many things ahead. And also many younger horses in training, who are promising and we are looking forward to see how they will develope.

Breaking in 2016
In 2016 five of our youngsters will get old enough to start their first training with rider. You can see them below:

skardiSkarði drottningDáð toppur15Toppur
frokk9Frökk gunnarbGunnar B

We are expecting ...
Like usually we soon start to look forward to meet and see our next foals. If everything goes as planned we are expecting four foals to be born in Hindisvík in 2016.

annall2015 2Gargandi Snilld (right) was covered by Nökkvi frá Syðra-Skörðugili (left)annall2015 3Gríma (right) was covered by Strákur (left) and therefore we are expecting a splashed white :Dannall2015 4Bára (left) was covered by Akkur frá Vatnsleysu and Flugsvinn (right) was with Glæsir frá Hindisvík

Below is a selection of pictures taken in 2015.
By clicking on them you can see them bigger and read the captions.

hindishross5 vhringur40 tryppi1 duntynsla1 240515 52
strakurbjossi4 staerdarmunur2 hindishross11 hetja2015 12
vhringur24 adda2 vhringur27 hrannar12 hindishross32
240515 8 hindishross28 adda18 strak mai 2015 3
240515 41 240515 76 janusari36 hindishross27

We would like to end this review by thanking for everything in 2015. 
We hope you have a good, healthy and exciting new year !