This morning we shot the first pictures of Hanný frá Þúfu with her rider, Hanný Norland Heiler, who she is named after. It was still a little dark, which decreased the quality of the pictures, but we decided to go sooner than later because of the bad weather forecast. 
Hanný has a very strong Hornafjörður bloodline. Her father is Flosi frá Þúfu (F: Gustur frá Grund) and her mother is Bylgja frá Lambleiksstöðum (F: Gustur frá Grund). Bylgja's parents were also siblings (both after Flosi frá Brunnum).
Bylgja (Hanný's mother) is also the mother of Þrándur and Fimma, who are both from our breeding.
Hanný will turn 5 years old this summer. She is now ridden about 2 months in total, is small but powerful and has high leg action.
We are very happy with her and looking forward how she will develop :)

hanny feb2016 1

hanny feb2016 2

hanny feb2016 3

hanny feb2016 4

hanny feb2016 5

hanny feb2016 6

hanny feb2016 7

hanny feb2016 8

hanny feb2016 9

hanny feb2016 10

hanny feb2016 11

hanny feb2016 12

hanny feb2016 13

hanny feb2016 14

hanny feb2016 15
Both Hannýs smiling in the last one ;) 

I also got the first pictures of Hugrún today. They are taken in a great distance and out of the window in Sæból. We are planning to take some decent pictures of her soon. She is trained for a little more than 2 months in total and will be turning 5 years old this summer.

hugrun glugga1

hugrun glugga2