A few pictures taken this fall. 
Our young stallions are now back home after spending the summer in a big paddock with other youngsters. It is pretty obvious that they have not suffered from hunger this summer, and I must say that I have not often seen as fat young-stallions ;)
Álfur recently got a new home and is now back on Dynjandi, where he was born. We also have a new member in our herd. Her name is Hanný frá Þúfu (Hornafjörður bloodline) and she is a 3 year old (turning 4 next summer) mare. Her mother is Bylgja, a daughter of Gustur frá Grund (we once owned Bylgja, she is also the mother of Fimma and Þrándur). Hanný's father is Flosi frá Þúfu, a son of Gustur frá Grund. Hanný is small but has very high movements. She will be trained a little bit now and then again next summer. 
Recently we drove Nökkvi back to Hindisvík. He was broken in now and it went very well. He will have a holiday in the herd till next summer.


There was Hávi meeting the other young stallions after being a few days in the stable.



Janus Ari


1 year old stallion. His mother is a pure bred Hindisvík mare and his father is a Hornafjörður bloodline.


Toppur (in front) og Janus Ari (in the back). Both stallions sired by Strákur frá Vatnsleysu.


Toppur has clearly got enough to eat this summer ;)


Janus Ari frá Dynjanda


Álfur frá Dynjanda


Nökkvi, 3 year old gelding. He is of the Hornafjörður bloodline.


Nökkvi, Álfur and Ófeigur.


Black & white.


Strákur enjoying life.


Ófeigur, 3 year old Hornafjörður bloodline stallion.


3 friends.


Strákur frá Vatnsleysu.


Last but not least, our new mare. Hanný frá Þúfu.