Now our website is also available in German !
For the last weeks we have been working on the translation and finally are getting there. There are still some little details and news left to be translated but hopefully we will finish in the next days.
During all this translating we have not been actively updating our news so I will just post a mix of recent pictures that have been on the way to getting posted here :)

strakur april2016 1

A few days ago we had really super weather and decided to take Strákur to the ocean to take some experimental pictures. The outcome is rather special and he did not seem to mind this little refreshment.

strakur april2016Here is another picture taken from the same trip ^^


Recently we got sent this great picture of Kúfa frá Hindisvík. Rider is Marietta Maissen who has been training her from the beginning. Owner of Kúfa is Pétur Behrens. 
Kúfa is a daughter of Glæring and Huginn frá Haga, which makes her a full sister to Hugrún.
Photographer is Flurina Barandun.


Above you can see Flétta frá Finnsstaðaholti, a big and beautiful daughter our Akkur frá Vatnsleysu. Flétta is turning 4 years old this year and is from the first year of Akkur offsprings. By her side is Marietta Maissen who is her owner and breeder.
Photographer is Flurina Barandun.

glenna aprilAbove is our Glenna frá Flugumýri. She will be trained a little now and our plan is to put her to Strákur frá Vatnsleysu this summer.
Very fun, beautiful and spirited mare.

strakur pasakareidtur

Pictures taken of Heiða and Strákur on easter day. Photographer is Elena Danioth.

strakur elenaElena Danioth from Switzerland, a friend of Heiðas, visited us and got to try Strákur. Unfortunately the weather was not so good, but she did seem to have a good time (note the look on the top picture) =)