A few days ago we brought Hrannar for the first time into the riding hall and took some pictures. He is not shoed.

Hrannar is a 2 year old stallion after Glæsir frá Hindisvík and Flugsvinn frá Höskuldsstöðum. That makes him 50% of the old Hindisvík bloodline and one of very few with such strong Hindisvíkblood in his pedigree.
We are expecting a full sibling to Hrannar this summer and are looking forward to see it :)

hrannar april1

hrannar april2

hrannar april3

hrannar april4

hrannar april5

hrannar april6hrannar april7

hrannar april8hrannar april9

hrannar april10hrannar april10hrannar april11hrannar april12hrannar april13hrannar april14hrannar april15hrannar april16hrannar april17hrannar april18