Gunnar B is now in the stable for a few days and we decided to take a few pictures of him. 
He is born in 2013 and will be 3 years old this summer.
Gunnar B has a very unique pedigree, especially for a horse living nowadays. His mother is pure bred from the old Hindisvík bloodline and the father (Skuggi) is from the Hornafjörður bloodline. This makes Gunnar B unrelated to most Icelandic horses.
We are not usually mixing out two bloodlines together but wanted to experiment with it this once. Now is just to wait and see how he will turn out to be :)

Gunnar B is named after Gunnar Bjarnason who was a horsebreeding minister and was very interested in the old icelandic bloodlines.

Gunnar shows a great speedrange in all gaits with really powerful and active hind legs.
He has no shoes on the video.
Gunnar B is a fivegaited horse.



gunnarbje6gunnarbje7gunnarbje8gunnarbje9gunnarbje10gunnarbje11gunnarbje12gunnarbje13gunnarbje14gunnarbje15gunnarbje16Active hind legs !