Spes went to France this fall. She landed with great people on a beautiful place.
I got permission from Anna Blanc, the owner of Spes, and photographer of those pictures, to put them here on the website :) 

spes frakklandArrived in France

spes frakkland1Getting to know the new friends

spes frakkland2

spes frakkland3

spes frakkland4

spes frakkland5

spes frakkland6

spes frakkland7

spes frakkland8

spes frakkland9

spes frakkland10

spes frakkland11

spes frakkland12

spes frakkland13

spes frakkland14

spes frakkland15

spes frakkland16

spes frakkland17

spes frakkland18

It is always nice to get pictures of "our" horses and see that the they have it so good.
We are so happy that Spes got such a good home and want to thank Anna for those beautiful impressions !