Recently we took the first pictures of our mare, Hanný frá Þúfu, in tölt. She just learned to tölt this winter. Her rider is Hanný (who she is named after).
Hanný's pedigree has a very strong Hornafjörður-Bloodline. She is inbred from Gustur frá Grund, who is both her FF and MF. She is small but powerful with high leg action.

hanny17 5

hanny17 6

hanny17 7

hanny17 8

hanny17 9

hanny17 10

hanny17 11

hanny17 12

hanny17 13

hanny17 14

hanny17 15

hanny17 16

hanny17 17

hanny17 18

hanny17 19

And also a few pictures in trot:

hanny17 1

hanny17 2

hanny17 3

hanny17 4