Our young stallion Gunnar B got to be with mares for the first time this summer. Hanný took some pictures when he was released to his ladies.


Freedom ! 


First there was a little running .. gunnsiihryssum3

.. but then everything got relaxed

gunnsiihryssum4What a mane ! 


Our Hornafjörður mare, Bára frá Miðfelli


Gunnar B frá Hindisvík 

Gunnar B has a very unique pedigree, especially for a horse living nowadays. His mother is pure bred from the Hindisvík bloodline and the father is from the Hornafjörður bloodline. This makes Gunnar B unrelated to most Icelandic horses.
We usually do not mix our two bloodlines together but wanted to experiment with it this once. Now is just to wait and see how he will turn out to be.
Gunnar B is named after Gunnar Bjarnason who was a horsebreeding minister and was very interested in the old icelandic bloodlines.


Gunnar in april 2016, there 3 years old