Recently we got a visit from Andreas Bidner who photographed some of our splashed white horses.
He kindly gave us permission to share them here with you.

hjalm17 1

Helmingur saying hello to Hanný

hjalm17 2

Helmingur is a son of Strákur and Gríma

hjalm17 3

Þrenna frá Hindisvík, a daughter of Strákur and Glenna

hjalm17 4

Dáð frá Dynjanda, turned 4 years old this summer. She is a full-sister to Helmingur.

hjalm17 5

Dáð. She had a foal sired by Lexus frá Vatnsleysu this summer and we are planning to start her first training after this foal.

hjalm17 6


hjalm17 7

Strákur frá Vatnsleysu

hjalm17 8

Strákur is a 10 year stallion. Sired by Glampi frá Vatnsleysu and his mother is Sonata frá Vatnsleysu (F: Jarl frá Búðardal)

hjalm17 9

Strákur with some mares. Most have already head home, but he will have female company as long as the grass allows.