On the 9th of February 2018 Heiða passed the Young-Horses-Trainer from IPZV. 
In this test she got 6 untamed horses and after a period of 3 months she had to show 4 of the horses in her test. All four horses are shown ridden and then tested by a judge. In the riding test you have to show the basic gaits, and some easier dressage exercises, like; rein-back, turn around the forehand and leg-yielding. At least two of the youngsters had to show tölt. Each of the testing horses got a task without a rider (double-longeing, long lining, leading from another horse and free work). In the end there was an oral exam where you need to explain the future possibilities of each youngster and how you would proceed with their training. There were also two main question-categories. One about training and the other about feeding/diseases/management.


Heiða with the whole group. Four youngsters are from the Almetal breeding.
The mare to the left of this picture has ancestors from the old Hindisvík bloodline :)


Here again with the horses that went to the test


Riding out on Fjördís. She is a daughter of Framherji from Flagbjarnarholti


Björt from Almetal. This picture was taken about a month before the test


and again Björt


This picture was painted by Heiða about 20 years ago. The writing says "When I grow up I want to become a young horses trainer and train my horses" =)