The first two foals are born in Hindisvík. We had a colourful start to the season with two splashed white foals.
Father of both is Strákur frá Vatnsleysu

First Gríma gave birth to this beautiful black splashed white stallion:


2018 grima 1

2018 grima 2

2018 grima 3

2018 grima 4

2018 grima 5

2018 grima 6

 .. and Glenna had this good looking splashed white foal. We are not 100% sure about the gender yet, but think it is a stallion.
Probably a chestnut splashed white, but dun has not been excluded:

2018 glenna 1

2018 glenna 2

2018 glenna 3

Update: The foal from Glenna is a chestnut splashed white stallion. He has been named Glanni frá Hindisvík