Strákur frá Vatnsleysu

Strákur frá Vatnsleysu will be covering mares in his field on Svalbarð, like for the last years. He is a son of Glampi frá Vatnsleysu and the 1st price Sonata frá Vatnsleysu (F: Jarl frá Búðardal). Strákur has two full brothers who are judged with 1st price and himself is a specially kind fivegaited horse with well seperated gaits and high movements.

strakurbjossi3 strakurbjossi22 strakurbjossi6

Because Strákur is homozygous splashed white he will always pass on his splash gene. Most offsprings have blazes, stars, snips, blue eyes and white markings on their legs. If the mare has the splash gene there is a 50% possibility on splashed white and if the mare is splashed white the offspring will 100% sure be splashed white. You can read more about the inheritance of the colour here.

strakurbjossi29 strakurbjossi36

We have already broken in a few offsprings of Strákur and they have all been very easy to start and chose both tölt and trot with nice movements. This winter we had a few offsprings in for further training and we are very happy with the results. Below you can see pictures of a few offsprings after short training.

skardi9 midjafeb2016 6 dad10 dalia33

Price per mare is 50.000 isk + VAT. 

Skálmar frá Nýjabæ


 skalmar skalmar skeid

Skálmar frá Nýjabæ will be covering mares on another field in Svalbarð. He is a son of Aðall frá Nýjabæ (honory price for offsprings) and Stika frá Nýjabæ. 
Skálmar has one full sister with 1st price and one sister (same mother) who has received honory price for her offsprings. His MM (Aldís) has received 1st price for her offsprings.
Skálmar is judged with a total score of 8,64. Splitting into 8,46 for building and 8,75 for riding abilities.

skalmar domur

Skálmar has rather much hornafjörður blood in his pedigree, and we are planning to breed him with our Hornafjörður mares.

Price per mare is 65.000 isk (sonar is included) + VAT.

For further information contact Hanný 845-3832, or 478-1903. Or you can send an inquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.