Here you can read about an breeding experiment we made in 2011, when we rented the stallion Akkur frá Vatnsleysu and bred him with mares from the Hornafjörður-Bloodline..

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Icelandic horses living in their natural habitat.  The pictures are split into the main 4 seasons.

About our splashed white horses

About our Hindisvík breeding..

About our Hornafjörður breeding..

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The story of the horses in Hindisvík, breeding horses, individuals and todays status of the bloodline..

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The story of the Hornafjörður bloodline. Breeding horses and individuals..

About the colour "splashed white" with genetics, pictures and stallions..

Horse names - male

This is a list with icelandic names for male horses..

Horse names - female

This is a list with icelandic names for female horses..