hindisvikur hlodvir


Colour: Bay.


F: Ófeigur frá Hindisvík
FF: Brúnn frá Hindisvík
FM: Nös frá Hindisvík

M: Stella frá Hindisvík
MF: Glóblesi frá Hindisvík (8,00)
MM: Stóra-Rauðka frá Hindisvík


About: Hlöðvir was born in Hindisvík in 1985. He was broken in and trained by Tobbi and at the age of 8 years he was sold to Andreas Trappe and Dieter Puetz in Germany. Abroad Hlöðvir was shown in a breeding show where he got a good 1st price, but it is unfortunately not listed in Worldfengur because of changed FIZO rules.

Hlöðvir was very successful as a breeding stallion in Germany. There he got 1st price for offsprings and had the highest score for offsprings over all Germany.

hindisvikur hlodvirHlöðvir and Tobbi
hindisvikur hlodvir1Hlöðvir receiving his price for offsprings. Andreas Trappe is standing beside him and the rider is Reynir Aðalsteinsson.


 Among Hlöðvir's offsprings are:

hindisvikur elding waldhof1Elding vom Waldhof was evaluated with 8,31 as a total score, there of 8,45 for riding abilities. Rider on the picture is Michelle van Blitterswijk and photographer is Henk Peterse.

hindisvikur litur waldhofLitur vom Waldhof. was evaluated with 8,36 for riding abilities as a fourgaiter. He got 9 for tölt, trot, galop and general impression.