We are very lucky and thankful to be able to let our horses grow up in the most natural and horse friendly way. The welfare of our horses is very important to us and there is nothing better then to see that everybody is well and happy. 
Our youngsters grow up in big areas with the herd, and we almost feel bad when we have to take horses home for training. The first winter the foals also come home, after they are seperated from their mothers. We use the time to get them used to halters, leading, lifting the legs and feeding them extra carefully in this first winter. In spring we bring them back to the herd, that has spent the winter on big fields with shelter and food. In the summer, when there is enough grass, we let them out to the Vatnsnes mountain, where they can roam free in an area of 35.000 square kilometers. They usually stay together and not far from their winter-area. Sometimes they are so close that you can see them. But there are also times when they can not even be found with binoculars.

Below you can see a collection of pictures. Horses enjoying to be horses. The pictures are categorized by seasons. 
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More pictures are coming up soon.



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